Athlone Park Primary School opened in 1970 to cater for the growing Athlone Park community.

181 pupils joined the principal, Mr Charles Whitfield, his deputy, Mr Keith Collier, 7 teachers and 2 cleaners on the first day of school, January 20 1970.   Mr Whitfield served until his death in 1973 and was succeeded by Mr Keith Collier, who stayed until his retirement in June 1987. Mr Geoff Grenfell, then took up the position until his retirement in July 2015. Mr John L Vorster was Acting Principal until his official appointment as Principal in March 2018.

Over the past 40 years, Athlone Park has developed a rich tradition of caring, courage, vision, and determination.  What makes a good school?  Is it a long history? Is it academic excellence, or sporting results? Is it ‘state of the art’ facilities? Is it the caliber of teaching staff?  Probably all of these, and then more.  Whatever it is, is embodied by Athlone Park Primary School.

The school badge was designed by Mr Keith Collier.  The book in the top corner represents the Book of Knowledge.  In the bottom left hand corner the Irish Harp is symbolic of the Earl of Athlone and indicates this Irish Earl’s links with Athlone Park.  The wavy line across the middle represents the sea, signifying our position as a coastal school.  The motto “The Future is Ours” was incorporated into the badge in 2001 and it was in this year too that the school song was written.

The school’s Vision and Mission remains our goal.

Our Story