CHOC Civvies Day

The CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation is a country-wide voluntary organisation. It brings together the parents of children who suffer from all varieties of cancer or life-threatening blood disorders. The first group started in Johannesburg in 1979, and in 2000 joined with other parent groups from all parts of the country to form a national organisation. The goal of this dedicated group is to improve the welfare and quality of care for children with cancer and their families. The organisation, which is not Government funded, provides direct practical help to children with cancer, from diagnosis on, recognising the inevitable disruption to family life when a child faces vigorous and often lengthy treatment. Funds raised are applied to directly benefit the children and their families, and also those involved in the treatment of these most serious illnesses.

Athlone Park Primary School pupils wore red, white and green civvies to school recently to celebrate Valentine’s Day and also to show responsibility. Funds raised on this day were donated to CHOC – Mrs Sulo Govender received a certificate of appreciation on behalf of the school.

What a special way to celebrate ‘thinking of others before ourselves’.